#LearnHowToMountain – Campaign Intro

#LearnHowToMountain Ep. 1 – How to keep yourself hydrated on the mountain

#LearnHowToMountain Ep. 2 – How to properly choose your clothing for mountain

#LearnHowToMountain Ep. 3 – How to properly choose your mountain footwear

#LearnHowToMountain Ep. 4 – How to properly choose and wear your backpack

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I spend most of my time on the mountain, so I often see people who are not suitably equipped, that endanger their lives and others. At first I laughed at them, then I was annoyed, and then I realized that maybe it was not their fault.

Unlike countries such as France, Switzerland or Italy, where people have climb the mountains since the mid-17th century, Romania has a climbing tradition dating back just over the last hundred years.

Most young Romanians do not receive – in their family or entourage – tips on how to equip themselves properly for a hike or how to behave on the mountain. This is the case for people in shoes or street boots recovered by Salvamont in critical situations, or tourists returning serenely from the mountain with bouquets of protected flowers such as edelweiss, mountain peony or Piatra Craiului’s little carnation.

The video tutorials developed together with Discovery Romania aim to promote the basic notions of trekking and hiking: how do you choose your shoes and clothing properly, which backpack suits you and what it must contain, what trekking sticks and helmet are for, how to hydrate properly, what to eat and many other details that will help you enjoy the mountain safely.