Rwenzori, UGANDA

A fascinating mountain, featuring jungle up to 4,300 meters, with beautiful huts, with swamps to cross, with a spectacular summit night in which you have to cross mixed terrain, rock and glacier.

Aconcagua, ARGENTINA

The highest mountain of the world outside Asia, Aconcagua dominates the Andes, on the border of Chile and Argentina. How I like to describe it, is the most friendly opportunity to see what an altitude expedition means.

Kilimajaro, TANZANIA

The most famous mountain in Africa, part of the Seven Summit project, Kili is the world’s highest single-standing mountain (not part of a mountain chain). If you get there, do not miss a safari in the Serengeti.

rhododendron si tamserku în everest base camp trekking

Everest Base Camp, NEPAL

I’m the only Romanian guide that can help you spend one day and one night inside the Everest Base Camp in your own tents camp. The difference between seeing BC and spending a day and a night there is like seeing a Victoria’s Secret presentation and having access to the backstage.

dhaulagiri în annapurna circuit

Annapurna Circuit, NEPAL

A fascinating trekking, with places of great beauty and a special spiritual and religious charge, thanks to Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples on the route. Passing through the Thorung La Pass is spectacular, just like Dhaulagiri’s view from its highest point.


A mountain of legend, the highest of the Alps, the cradle of Europe’s altitude climbing. Taken often at matinee’s price, it’s more dangerous than it looks in YouTube videos, but it’s also incredibly beautiful if you climb it properly.

Matterhorn, SUISSE/ITALY

Probably the most recognizable mountain in the world, with an unmistakable silhouette, spectacular as only a 1000-meter-high rock pyramid can be. A mountain that requires o strong mind as much as a strong body, Matterhorn is for experienced and hard-minded mountaineers. Do not go there without a guide, this is not a playground or an experimental laboratory.


The second peak of the Alps, Dufourspitze – or Punta Dufour, depending on the route being approached, Swiss or Italian – has an absolutely spectacular final ridge. The mixed ice and rock terrain forms a route with super-exposed areas which give you beatings of accelerated heartbeat.



Europe’s highest peak, in the easternmost mountain of the continent, Elbrus does not pose technical problems, but the weather is the one that puts you at the brink of testing. There, the idea is not whether the wind blows or not, but how strong it is.



The highest peak of the Rila and the Balkan Mountains, Musala is a very suitable peak for ski touring, because the route is a fairy tale, and skiing down about 8-9 km is worth every penny.